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State officials and police are not as aware of your constitutional rights regarding DUI charges as DUI Attorney Keith H. Clelland is. You could qualify for special programs or avoid a prison term if you are informed and have a knowledgeable lawyer defending you. Not every Erie DUI attorney has enough trial experience to get you the best outcome! If you have a drunk driving arrest, choose experience and get the best DUI defense.

Do you need an Erie PA DUI Attorney?

DUI or Driving Under the Influence is one of the single most charged crime in the state of Pennsylvania. Not many people charged with DUI arrest know where to start or who to connect. Only a select few types of attorneys are dedicated enough to represent you as your DUI attorney. Erie DUI Lawyer Keith Clelland has represented hundreds of citizens with a DUI arrest and will bring his considerable knowledge and experience to your case.

  • Have you been improperly stopped for suspected DUI?
  • Have you been forced to submit to questioning at a DUI checkpoint without your permission?
  • Have you submitted to chemical testing?
  • Have you lost your job and license as a result of a DUI arrest?
  • Have you been asked: “Have you been drinking today?”

Whether this is your first DUI arrest or second, you are probably nervous about your license, job/future employment, and family. You need a well educated, experienced DUI attorney to defend your case and get you out of your current situation. Attorneys at law will not stop defending you until we win this case and you have your rights back.

The power of a DUI Attorney over police

Pennsylvania local and State police are always busy planning out specific times and places where they are going to have DUI checkpoints and focused patrols. Police often apply a “better safe than sorry” policy when it comes to road policies. Just like normal people, police officers make mistakes, especially when issuing a first DUI offense. As the most knowledgeable DUI attorney Erie, PA has, we will gather all materials and information to help clear up any of your DUI arrest records. Have you have been involved in any recent DWI arrests, and not given the lesser of a charge? I am the DUI attorney you want to call that will be on your side no matter what.

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Avoid a DUI this Holiday Season

With the holiday’s right around the corner, you can rest assured that the Pennsylvania local and State police are already busy planning out how and where they are going to erect more DUI checkpoints and focused patrols. Learn what to do if you are stopped for a DUI this holiday season.

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