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Child Custody Erie PA Attorney Keith Clelland

Nothing is more stressful on home and family life than domestic disputes. Sometimes agreements cannot be made or someone’s rights are being infringed on. When a trial is necessary and you want custody of kids, an experienced custody trial attorney is key. I have personally represented hundreds of plaintiffs and defendants regarding custody issues and domestic disputes. From PFA’s to Child Custody, I bring my substantial knowledge and experience to the table to provide you with answers and the best representation.

Questioning custody trials?

The first question that comes to a parents mind after domestic disputes among family is, “How to get custody?” Whether it is mother or father getting custody of the child, I can help get you in the right direction. Custody orders are not mandatory and come with advantages and disadvantages. If you want a schedule, legal decision-making rights, or are in disagreement about medical care or where the child will live, a custody order is the best way to go. Just deciding between each other is not always a good idea, especially if agreements have never been made easy in the past. Hiring a child custody lawyers in the local area will be better for everyone. When preparing for custody trial, the goal is to have the facts straight and that we are in agreement. Then having a judge decide, according to the case and child will be the best route to take.

Child Custody Cases and Other Areas of Expertise

  • General Custody Issues
  • Child Support
  • Divorce Petitions and Resolutions
  • Protection from Abuse cases (PFAs)
  • Domestic Disputes and Violence

When you hire me, my ultimate goal as a child custody trial is to establish what is best for your child considering the current situation. Unfortunately, conflicts arise, parents cannot come to an agreement, and domestic disputes occur. You must also want to know the difference between child support vs custody. There are many reasons to get full custody, but are they the right reasons? Some child custody lawyers are not as educated as I am to help you make the most responsible decision for the correct reasons. We will settle the issues and do what is best for your child’s future. If you have an even more complex case, for example moving out of the state, getting an attorney is strongly recommended to get you the best results. Call Attorney Clelland for an experienced child custody lawyers in Erie, PA.

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