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Do you need a criminal defense attorney?

When facing criminal charges, one needs the best criminal lawyer in the area to defend their case. It is highly recommended to hire an attorney before making any statements to the police that could potentially hurt your case. If you do not hire me, one of the top criminal defense attorneys in the area, one can become frustrated with their situation and hopeless. I am a highly experienced local criminal defense attorney in Erie, PA who has tried hundreds of cases and represented thousands and thousands of citizens accused of crimes. There are many types of lawyers with criminal defense backgrounds, but one of Keith Clelland. I have the knowledge and skills to present your case with the best possible defense. I fight aggressively and use my extensive knowledge of the law and trials and work to get you the best possible outcome.

When it comes to violent crimes in PA, including assault, robbery, sexual assault, and murder, having one of the best criminal defense lawyers is essential. Victims want justice in the form of lengthy jail time, public outrage can influence judge and jury, law enforcement and DA’s want to set examples. You need someone on your side who has experience in the process and knowledge of the law to ‘level the playing field’ and get you a fair outcome. I am the best criminal defense attorney for you and your rights will be protected. I will fulfill a criminal defense lawyer responsibilities to win the trial.

Choosing an Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer

Good criminal lawyers are necessary if you are facing criminal charges. Experience does matter when it comes to trial. It is very important when you are in a situation regarding your rights that you choose an educated criminal defense attorney with many years of experience to defend you. I will fulfill all criminal defense attorney roles and duties than most other attorneys in the Erie County area. If you are looking for a dedicated, experienced and prepared criminal defense attorney to fight for you, call me today at 814-459-7754.


In addition to being the best Criminal Defense Attorney, I can also assist you with:

  • Gun Rights and Laws

    If you have a prior conviction or have been involuntarily committed in the past, the Second Amendment Rights to bear arms can and will protect you. You may also qualify for a Governor’s Pardon.

  • DUI Defense

    DUI or Driving Under the Influence is one of the single most charged crime in the state of Pennsylvania. I have represented hundreds of citizens with a DUI arrest and will bring his considerable knowledge and experience to your case.

  • Custody and Domestic Issues

    I have personally represented hundreds of plaintiffs and defendants regarding custody and domestic issues. From PFA’s to Child Custody, I bring my substantial knowledge and experience to the table to provide you with answers and the best representation.

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