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Keith H. Clelland Erie PA Attorney Profile

Graduating from Duquesne University, School of Law, Juris Doctor, Attorney Keith Clelland has been practicing in Erie county since 1990. Some of his legal roles before going into the private practice, have been Assistant Public Defender, Homicide Contract Defense Attorney, and Adult Criminal Conflict Attorney.

Most impressive is Attorney Clelland’s vast jury trial experience. With over 200 jury trials to verdict, Attorney Clelland is one of the most experienced lawyers in Erie PA. His success derives from the fact that he is not “looking for the deal.” If you are ready for your day in court, arm yourself with the best defense lawyer in Erie PA.

Keith also has a strong passion for the outdoors and outdoor sportsmanship. He is an avid supporter of the 2nd Amendment. If you want to restore your gun rights, he will be your strongest supporter.

Never hesitate to contact me to set up a consultation. As one of the most experienced local lawyers in Erie PA, I will do my best to get you your life back with the help you need!

Criminal Defense Attorney

Attorney Clelland’s Areas of Expertise

  • Criminal Defense – Experience and knowledge matters when it comes to hiring an attorney for criminal defense. You need one of the best criminal defense attorneys Erie, Pennsylvania has to offer to defend your case and get you your life back.
  • DUI – Pennsylvania is cracking down on the DUI laws, increasing the amount of DUI charges every month. If you get charged for DUI, contact me right away and I will defend you. If you do not hire an experienced lawyer, you could be facing years of house arrest and excessive amounts of payments.
  • Gun Rights – It is stated in our Constitution that as Americans, we have the right to bear arms at all times. So, if you are faced with charges affecting your gun rights, you need an educated attorney. I will be by your side and defend you in court to get the rights back we all deserve to have.
  • Custody and Domestic Issues – Conflicts arise and going through domestic issues in the household are never good for any child to experience. The safest way to settle any dispute is to get an educated and experienced lawyer involved. My end goal in any custody case will always result in what is best for the child/children.

Professional Trial Attorney Experience

January 2006 – Present Private Legal Practice
January 2006 – Present Adult Criminal Conflict Attorney
October 2000 – January 2006 Full-time Erie County Assistant Public Defender
January 2000 – January 2001 Erie County Homicide Contract Defense Attorney
July 1991 – October 2000 Erie County part-time Assistant Public Defender
Jauary 1991 – October 2000 Private Legal Practice


Community Service

Work performed through SafeNet by actively representing women in custody and abuse actions in Common Pleas Court against the abuser

Member of Erie County LAVA Program
1998 Erie County Bar Association Outstanding Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year

1997 – 1998 Pennsylvania Bar Association
Recognized Outstanding Pro Bono Services Award

Experienced Erie PA Lawyer - Keith H. Clelland

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