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Keith Clelland Attorney Erie PA

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If you are in need of an experienced trial attorney or lawyer in Erie for your criminal defense, DUI, child custody case, or gun rights case, you’ve landed at the right place. Located in downtown Erie, PA, Attorney Clelland is one of the most experienced trial attorneys in Erie PA. Having tried hundreds of legal cases and represented thousands and thousands of citizens accused of crimes, Attorney Clelland has the knowledge and skills needed to present your BEST defense. Attorney Clelland will fight aggressively for you. Learn more about Keith Clelland Attorney Erie PA and how he got where he is today!

Criminal Defense Attorney Erie PA

Attorney Clelland has been serving as one of the most qualified lawyer in criminal defense Erie has to offer. Unlike other types of attorneys in erie pa, he has more trial and litigation experience than most lawyers in Erie PA and Erie County. If you are facing charges, it is highly recommended to hire one of the best criminal lawyers in erie pa before making any statements to the police that could potentially hurt your case. Clelland is confident, knowledgeable, and highly successful in any of his specialized trial situations. He has been the representing attorney in over 200 Jury Trials, has a “no-nonsense” attitude and ready to take on the next case. Read more about Attorney Keith Clelland for Criminal Defense Attorney call (814) 459-7754 today or click to contact your Erie PA Attorney for a consultation.

DUI Lawyer, Family Lawyer and Gun Rights Attorney

In addition to being a criminal defense attorney, Attorney Clelland can also assist you as your DUI Lawyer in Erie, PA. DUI or Driving Under the Influence is one of the single most charged crime in the state of Pennsylvania. There are only a select few experienced and dedicated DUI attorney Erie, PA has to offer that will represent you as your DUI lawyer. and serving as your family lawyer for custody and domestic legal issues including: support, custody, abuse, violence and disputes.

Second Amendment Rights Attorney

I am also experienced in restoring gun rights. Some people may ask, “Why do I need a lawyer to get my rights back?” Well, you need an attorney who knows how to win your rights back and well educated on the 2nd Amendment, like Clelland. He is knowledgeable, passionate and devoted in his study of gun rights law making him the perfect attorney for people seeking Governor’s Pardons or help with 2nd amendment rights. In the United States, it’s our constitutional right to bear arms and you need the most knowledgeable gun rights attorney defending your rights. If you have lost your 2nd amendment right to bear arms due to a non-violent crime from your youth, it is the attorneys at law responsibility to help. Whether it is for your own personal rights or employment purposes, we can work together to get your rights back. Attorney Clelland Attorney Erie PA can help! Read more about PA Gun Laws and Governor’s Pardons.

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